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IV INVESTOR is a team of independent investors with extensive experience as private investors.

Our practice has convinced us that successful investing has little to do with market timing and frequent trading. What really matters are several basic principles which allow you to outperform both in bullish and bearish markets. Broad diversification and proper strategic positioning (asset allocation), indexing of investments, rebalancing, and keeping expenses down by reducing management and transaction fees will give you ease and confidence. With time, you will gradually understand the broad picture instead of wasting time and effort in outsmarting the market.
We believe that anyone can easily grasp the strategies of asset allocation and indexing. Constructing and managing a globally diversified index portfolio then becomes a relatively easy task.

We have developed a number of model portfolios that we find appropriate for different time/risk investment profiles. On our website, you can study all portfolios and their performance and then choose and customize the one that you believe is most appropriate for your investment goals.
Being independent, we are fully unbiased in selecting the instruments for each portfolio construction. We aim to keep all portfolios simple and manageable and strive to gain broad exposure to all necessary asset classes.

Team leaders:
Ilia Georgiev: a lawyer with  exhaustive legal and investment practice. Extensive experience on top management and board positions. Executive training at Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government (2005).
Vesselina Tzareva: EMBA, with 10 years of  management experience.

IV INVESTOR is not a registered investment advisor.